Your Toehold

Mountains of joy we have scaled
in the face of infinite beauty
our craze to create
a scrawl of curiosity
on a canvas vast
a note resonating in a verse eternal
we’ve gazed deep into the marble eyes
of avian wonders and stately animals
we’ve slowed to hear a stream’s soft mirth
seen winds carrying clouds
to blot out mountain peaks and valley-wombs
we’ve sailed far into secluded seas
smiled at strangers for their mysterious grace
we’ve made stories for keepsake
through journeys of elegance
for these are relics of glorious moments
in the incessant burning of stars
in the ever blossoming love for this planet
suspended in a sunbeam
we have been…
Your Toehold.

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Santosh Saligram

Santosh is the head wordsmith and chief editor at Toehold. Between bouts of waxing eloquent about the wondrous ubiquitousness of Nature's whimsical beauty, he attempts to feed the content team on ripe imagination and lead it towards the sunlit peaks of excellence.

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