It’s World Tourism Day!

World Tourism Day

Awakening to new meanings, new perspectives doesn’t have to wait for a special day. While that can happen every single day, we stress upon the vision behind this year’s World Tourism Day through our own. Among the driving intentions behind the idea of this celebration is ‘moving forward to ensure the positive impact of well-managed tourism on inclusive and equitable growth, sustainable development and peace.’ And this, we believe at Toehold, is an underlying, unworded suggestion our work aims at.

Through our unrelenting love for travel and exploration, and our eventual professing of this love through the medium of photography we’ve been continuously trying to redefine ‘tourism’. We travel, in a much broader sense, as seekers of beauty and awe that can obliterate worldly political, cultural differences. Even the varying geographical transformations that occur in different parts of the world are simply held in wonder and admiration of the varying magnificence of the planet Earth and all living beings that inhabit it.

And we also believe that there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate this vision behind this day than to reaffirm our commitment to it, and our dedication to offer you ceaseless, seamless opportunities to thus explore the world with us.

Happy World Tourism Day!

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Sourabha Rao

Sourabha is a staff writer at Toehold who dexterously gives verbal form to the inexpressible, and with her passion for travel, weaves immersive stories that transcend space and dissolve time.

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