Animal of the Week: Flame-throated Bulbul, Kerala, India


Flame-throated bulbul (Pycnonotus gularis)

Great place to see this bulbul: Thattekad, Kerala, India

Inhabiting the forests — usually along valleys and streams — of the Western Ghats, the flame-throated bulbul is a bird that keeps in small flocks. Its yellow underparts, black head and olive-green back make recognising it quite easy when found in its habitat, and in Thattekad on our Photo Tour.

This passerine bird feeds mainly on berries and small insects. Its call is similar to that of the red-whiskered bulbul — two or three tinkling notes. This avian creature that’s only about 18 centimetre long can bring you boundless joy if you can see it on our Thattekad Photography Tour.

Its nest, usually made of yellowing leaves kept together by cobwebs, is a small cup that it builds in undergrowth a couple of metres from the ground level. More often than not, the nest is easily mistaken for dry leaves accumulated at a place due to wind.

Along with its distinctive body colours and the white iris in contrast with the dark head, this bird is especially charming to look at because of the orange-red throat that earns it its name – flame-throated bulbul – and for this adorable feature, it is our Animal of the Week!

See this beautiful bird in Thattekad, on our next ‘Birding in WonderlandPhoto Tour to Kerala!

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