Animal of the Week: Colobus


Black-and-white colobus (Colobus guereza)

Great place to see it: Lake Naivasha, Kenya, Africa:

Now this style is something you wouldn’t get to see on reputed fashion ramps anywhere in the world. This style is indifferent to attention; it’s only you, all on your own, who have to revel in the reverence you might find bubbling up within you when you see a black-and-white colobus in Kenya.

This old world monkey is herbivorous, feeding mainly on leaves, flowers, fruit and twigs. It is native to Africa. It mainly inhabits higher density riverine forests, primary and secondary forests and wooded grasslands. In this genus of the colobuses, the thumb is a stump, which explains the Greek origin ‘colobus’ of the name translating to ‘docked’. Members of the colobus troop other than the biological mother of an infant take care of the latter when necessary, a phenomenon referred to as ‘allomothering’.

Like our previous Animal of the Week (Malabar giant squirrel), the black-and-white colobus too plays a vital role in dispersing seeds in its habitat, through its digestive systems, and for letting messy eating habits amount to some tremendous good, it is our Animal of the Week!

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