There Is No Perfect Picture, But We Try: Riju Ray

When he was little, he spent most of his time observing his father making images who also used to travel a lot for photoshoots. He was a proud son when his father’s photos were even published back in the days. When his passion for photography, which emerged in his early childhood days, took a brief […]
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Interpreting a Scene Unfolding Itself: Amey Kulkarni

Using a point-and-shoot camera, Amey Kulkarni began his casual journey through photography about four years ago. Then a trip to Ladakh with a DSLR camera changed it all. Mr. Kulkarni has been fascinated by wildlife since his childhood, and once he realised that there was no better way to capture special moments in
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Of Practiced Patience and Self-learning: Sharath Chandrappa

The creative calling, when acute, makes people want to push their limits, explore new frontiers, and break barriers and walls with their ideas to supplant them with. And Sharath Chandrappa knew it was his turn when his hobby of making pictures and editing videos gradually began to charm his creative instincts to
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