Of Practiced Patience and Self-learning: Sharath Chandrappa

The creative calling, when acute, makes people want to push their limits, explore new frontiers, and break barriers and walls with their ideas to supplant them with. And Sharath Chandrappa knew it was his turn when his hobby of making pictures and editing videos gradually began to charm his creative instincts to
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2015 Kenya Kids Camp Report

Explore the world with a child-like curiosity, they say. But when a group of children started to take on the beauty of wildlife in Africa with their cameras and recklessly inquisitive eyes, we were certain that their perspectives and interpretations didn’t have anything to do with age. The group, along with the
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In Synchrony with Nature: Rana Roy Choudhury

Polar Bear Scape, Svalbard
For someone hailing from the City of Joy, capturing the soul of a place, always in the blur of bustling streets at a time when cameras were a luxury to own and formal guidance on photography wasn’t available, photography has meant more than just a hobby. Toehold Patron Rana Roy Choudhury has been passionate about
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The Magnificent Vastness of Things: Uma Iyer

These mountains with dunes and deserts with hardly any ridges can overwhelm you with their enormity. This immobility is tender and can heal those who battle the touch of ennui. Adding to this magic are the clouds that float above; mute cottony things speckling the blue skies like white inkblots on blue paper, like
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Letting there Be Light – the Way You Want It to Be!

Whether in the soft solitary light of the day or the controlled conditions of a studio, attaining that perfect image by leveraging the freedom it allows to set up a shot is the essence of fashion photography. It is here that the quiet elegance of the model, their glamorous costumes and hairstyles and make-up, and
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Slipping Past the Skin of Time: Rajiv Ramanathan

What bliss is that, to be able to grow up watching changing art on the walls of one’s own home? And what kismet is that, to be able to imbibe art and make it one’s second nature? Well, that’s what Toehold patron Rajiv Ramanathan did, and this is his story: a story in which an […]
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