SkipperSpeaker – Kenya Photography Tours

In this brand-new series called SkipperSpeaker, Toehold’s Kenya Photography Tours Skipper Sachin Rai speaks about what makes Kenya special as a wilderness destination, and outlines our annual calendar of Tours to the celebrated land of the lion, designed specially for you. Head to
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Kenya May 2014 Tour Report: Nakuru

Day three dawned, and the group took the long drive to reach Lake Nakuru by evening.  En route to the lodge, they drove around, and at first found an impala.  Within five minutes of entering the park, they were watching a white rhino on a meadow with the backdrop of a fever forest.  Just then, […]
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Photography Workshops by Toehold

These shutterbugs were stuck in the auto mode and were using only 20% of their camera’s potential. Until a Toehold Photography Workshop changed it all. Watch this video to find out what they said about their experience, and why, if you have a DSLR, you should sign up for one today!
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