Sentient Snippets: Week 4

This week on Sentient Snippets: bales of brown, stretching of definitions, games of questions, visuals of melancholy and joy from fangs!   Don’t moo your mushy emotions away just because it’s frowned upon in the world of humans. A gaur calf is the epitome of all that’s innocent and adorable even in the wild.
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Sentient Snippets: Week 3

This week on Sentient Snippets: iridescent flints, magnificence of the mighty, ruinous pasts, the secret to intoxication, and surreal imagery.   His footprints contained in the dewy green ground, a tiger walks with a knowing poise. Behind him, emerald whispers waft through everything they pervade. Surprise
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Sentient Snippets: Week 2

This week on Sentient Snippets, a reward for searching eyes, ways to bring alive a brooding sky and unwind the imagination, and majesty with a bill.     It isn’t exaggeration when they say extraordinary things happen when you are at the right place at the right time. See if you can feel the tremors […]
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Laugh it Off in Ladakh

In the rough, rugged terrain of Ladakh, which test the nerve and determination of travellers, the intensity of beauty all around is made lighter by some hilarious signboards that make you smile or even let out a cheerful chortle.  We bring you five of the best. We are beginning to comprehend, now more than ever,
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The Magnificent Vastness of Things: Uma Iyer

These mountains with dunes and deserts with hardly any ridges can overwhelm you with their enormity. This immobility is tender and can heal those who battle the touch of ennui. Adding to this magic are the clouds that float above; mute cottony things speckling the blue skies like white inkblots on blue paper, like
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Ladakh Photography Tours by Toehold

Watch this video to see why time lapses better in Ladakh than anywhere else, and then join our Ladakh Photography Tour to experience it first-hand and learn to take great nature photos! Sign up now, and master landscape photography while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas!
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