Jayanth Sharma

Entrepreneur India, 21 October 2017

How to Build an Entrepreneurial Mindset Here’s the transcript: Consider a game of football. The best proponents and strategists of the game are the ones who know how to use their strengths and skills to help them win. They ask themselves this question – “Given the rules, what should I do to win?” An
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Deccan Chronicle, 18 October 2017

For a Green and responsible Holiday By Jayanth Sharma Here’s the transcript: With global warming and the need for environmental conservation becoming better known, you might be wondering how best to satiate your wanderlust without causing any damage to Mother Nature. Tourists often reap the benefits of
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Lifehacker, India, 16 October 2017

How Technology has brought Photography to a New Tipping Point Here’s the transcript: In the late 19 th Century, cameras were extremely expensive and required great technical know-how to operate – photography was mostly the bread-and-butter of serious professionals or the plaything of the rich and
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Parent Circle, October 2017

Diwali, Perfect Time For Family Reunions Here’s the transcript: “Travelling is one the best ways to create a good rapport with your near and dear ones, especially your child. Children hardly get time to spend with parents who work. Taking a break and visiting different destinations with your child creates
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Outlook India, 29 September 2017

Catch the travel bug for a healthy heart! Here’s the transcript: The thought of travelling to a new destination, sipping cocktails on a beach, and indulging in a relaxing spa-bath can instantly cut down stress levels and bring a sense of relief in one’s life. Several studies have proved that travel
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Deccan Chronicle, 27 September 2017

Roads not taken Here’s the transcript: From the heavenly vistas of the valleys in Kashmir, to the southernmost regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu; from the boundless Rann of Kutch in Gujarat to the diverse landscapes of the North-East, India is a treasure trove of vast historical, cultural and natural
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TimesJobs.com, 26 September 2017

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My First Job: Jayanth Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, Toehold Here’s the transcript: Job experiences teach you many things beyond polishing your skill-sets. These learnings tend to be your guidelines for the coming times in personal and professional life. The ‘My First Job’ captures this essence
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Your Story, 9 September 2017

This engineer’s love for photography helped him get a Toehold in the travel experience segment Here’s the transcript: Travelling turns you into a storyteller, and the stories are best told through photographs. Keen to combine adventure, travel, and storytelling, engineer Jayanth Sharma gave up his IT
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Be Bold People, 1 September 2017

Train and Excel in The Art of Photography with Toehold Here’s the transcript: We hear of people switching careers when they realize their true calling but jumping from computer graphics to wildlife photography is certainly a big and bold leap. But that’s exactly what daring Jayanth Sharma is all about.
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