When a Hobby Becomes an Obsession: Sunny Roy

About six years ago, when Mr. Roy was leafing through the pages of National Geographic Magazine, his zest for a new hobby had found a clear direction: photography thus became the calling of another man who decided to teach himself the art of making images. Sunny Roy began reading everything he could about
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Glossary of Bandhavgarh Expressions

Bandhavgarh’s human inhabitants are articulate and imaginative with word usage, so there are many words and phrases endemic to it.  Here’s the beginner’s pocket-glossary to the commonest of them in regular circulation. 1. मिला कुछ? Transliterated: Mila kuch? Structurally: Interrogative sentence
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Busted: Five Commonest Myths about Tigers

Tiger, Corbett
Tigers have for millennia inspired awe, admiration and reverence.  And their secretive nature has for long fostered numerous myths and misconceptions about their behaviour.  We take the five commonest myths and bust them in public interest. Myth 1: It’s dangerous to be in tiger country in an open vehicle.  
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Five Crazy-coated Truths about Travelling in India

There’s a reason they say there’s more truth concealed in humour than humour concealed in truth. And here’s another testament to it, a hilarious blend of wit, sarcasm, art, smart wordplay, and above all, truth! That, in a nutshell, is Toehold’s The Crazy Desi Book! Filled with tummy-numbingly funny remarks,
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In Synchrony with Nature: Rana Roy Choudhury

Polar Bear Scape, Svalbard
For someone hailing from the City of Joy, capturing the soul of a place, always in the blur of bustling streets at a time when cameras were a luxury to own and formal guidance on photography wasn’t available, photography has meant more than just a hobby. Toehold Patron Rana Roy Choudhury has been passionate about
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15 Things to Do in Hampi

Have you ever contemplated the range of things you can do in Hampi?  Like peeling off your sunglasses and filling your eyes with the natural hues of its ancientness, testing how greedy you are for glorious stories and details, and fifteen other things…   1. Walk these pillared corridors and listen to
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