Chasing Dreams of Colour in Four Corners of India

Ladakh, India
On Independence Day, we bring you four different possibilities from four different corners of India. Places where, for travellers and photographers, their abstract ideas can take tangible forms and become real entities. 1. Varanasi     Everything about this old city spells spirituality and mesmerising
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Sentient Snippets: Week 11

This week on Sentient Snippets: awakening languor, silence-inducing poetry, joy-evoking play, voices in the dark, purposeless ruins, and windows to new worlds.   These beauties decorated in stripes never go out of style even when they are just relaxing, their posture never compromising on composure, and their
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Five Places You Must See in Ladakh

Ladakh is a melting pot for all photographic genres. With sublime landscapes, vibrant people, rich culture and exotic wildlife, its high-altitude realm is like an ideal Test match wicket that offers something for everyone and everything for the keen-eyed. Here are some highlights you can enjoy on our ‘High
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Sentient Snippets: Week 8

This week on Sentient Snippets: bizarre beauty, intense admiration, earthly stars, artless art, and the miracle of feeling.     A small change in perspective and a gorgeous form of beauty turns ominous. With its unusually bulgy eyes bringing new light of awe to yours, a cat snake can be something you
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Five Himachal Treks You Must Do

As you walk down the valleys and climb up the high mountains in Himachal Pradesh, you feel rather grounded, humbled. And here are five treks you must not miss, because it’s all about quiet celebration of being in the lap of the Himalayas. When being tiny and obscure becomes a celebration, it becomes easy to […]
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