Chasing Dreams of Colour in Four Corners of India

Ladakh, India
On Independence Day, we bring you four different possibilities from four different corners of India. Places where, for travellers and photographers, their abstract ideas can take tangible forms and become real entities. 1. Varanasi     Everything about this old city spells spirituality and mesmerising
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Between Ruin and Glory: A Journey to an Enchanting Space

From the enchantment that dwells in her mind about her four-day tour to Hampi, Sourabha Rao tries to haul out the emotions that swelled in her when she was there and wonders how they change every time she tries to summon them up to the form of written word. The four days were days of delirium, because the idea
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Sentient Snippets: Week 10

This week on Sentient Snippets: elusive creature in non-silence, gorgeous green caterpillar, timeless experiences, colours dissolving into silhouettes, and mythical beauty in reality.     In the overwhelming non-silence of the forests of Bandipur is a creature that will treat your vision grandly and
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Sentient Snippets: Week 9

This week on Sentient Snippets: the glory of night sky, hoarding erupting hues, silence bringing salvation, ruins that bring back glory, and beauty that augurs consuming love.     When the twinkling wonders are sprinting at their own pace in all of the void all around this tiny mote of a planet we live
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Sentient Snippets: Week 7

This week on Sentient Snippets: tangerine truths, wistful calls, blooms of glory, pillared corridors and ageless love.   All that blooms, all that stands tall and yet grounded, all that simply is, is tinged with a bizarre estrangement… and here, with a tint of tangerine too. Silhouettes emerging and growing,
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Sentient Snippets: Week 6

This week on Sentient Snippets: sublime sights, sleeping beauties, dead stones, muted tones, and a spectrum of emotions.   By the savagely beautiful folds of hillocks, under a colourful riot that the sky is, is a meditating lake. How vast the spectrum of your emotions can get between the contained being of
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Sentient Snippets: Week 3

This week on Sentient Snippets: iridescent flints, magnificence of the mighty, ruinous pasts, the secret to intoxication, and surreal imagery.   His footprints contained in the dewy green ground, a tiger walks with a knowing poise. Behind him, emerald whispers waft through everything they pervade. Surprise
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15 Things to Do in Hampi

Have you ever contemplated the range of things you can do in Hampi?  Like peeling off your sunglasses and filling your eyes with the natural hues of its ancientness, testing how greedy you are for glorious stories and details, and fifteen other things…   1. Walk these pillared corridors and listen to
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Hampi September 2015 Trip Report

Stone Chariot Front
When the Tour took them to where the ruins reflect and echo age-old splendour, like veins run and thrum with tales beneath their hard skin weathered by rains, the sun and the winds… Where even stones sigh, in the sheer joy of storytelling. Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  A land of crystallised
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