Fashion Photography

Emergence of Aesthetic Subtleties: Rahul Rekapalli

A seemingly small decision can sometimes propel a great story. Here’s one such, of Toehold Patron, Rahul Rekapalli, using a fortuitous gift to express his gifts! When Rahul’s father gifted him a Kodak camera, little did he know that he had just set the foundation for a great journey. And Rahul has
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Letting there Be Light – the Way You Want It to Be!

Whether in the soft solitary light of the day or the controlled conditions of a studio, attaining that perfect image by leveraging the freedom it allows to set up a shot is the essence of fashion photography. It is here that the quiet elegance of the model, their glamorous costumes and hairstyles and make-up, and
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An Imperative Confluence of Passions for the Sake of Art

“To have an eye for detail that doesn’t miss to acknowledge the synergy that brings it all together: the models, the location, the garment, and all the glitz and the glamour, not to capture a moment that already exists, but to capture a moment that is carefully crafted, a moment that is made. To put […]
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Interview with Darren Centofanti

A conversation with ace fashion-and-commercial photographer, Darren Centofanti – mentor for the Toehold Swimsuit-Glamour Photography Workshop scheduled for 13 to 17 February 2013 in Goa.
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