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Allured by Avian Beauty: Srihari Krishnamurthy

Pied Kingfisher
When the photographer in you catches up with the explorer that you already are, then every moment of anticipation brings a bit of the future to the present, so that you fail not to freeze it into a frame. Srihari Krishnamurthy, a long-time Toehold patron, is a devoted lover of nature who knows how to […]
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Nature in Frenzied Colours: Rahul Pratti

Malachite Kingfisher
If a traveller is also a hoarder of all things nice, is there a better way to accumulate priceless moments than carrying a camera around? Toehold Patron Rahul Pratti, a fervent explorer of nature and wildlife, has known this simple truth from the days of film cameras. He fondly recollects how he never went
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Chandeliers in the Sky: Deepti Aravind

A refreshingly atmospheric image by our March 2015 Corbett Tour participant, Deepti Aravind, shows the outstanding landscape photography opportunities omnipresent in this beautiful park. And here’s a description of Deepti’s experience, in her own words: “I used to think that one Toehold
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Birds of Different Feathers: Neelutpaul Barua

They say birds of the same feather flock together.  But on our Tours, photography enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds converge to enjoy the magic of nature and its photography. This very spirit of disparity and a shared playing ground is to be seen in this unique image by Toehold Patron, Neelutpaul Barua. Mr
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Fields of Gold: Sunaina Samanta

We hope you’re having a good morning wherever you are.  We certainly are, due not only to this beautiful image by our March 2015 Corbett Tour participant Sunaina Samanta, which portrays a radiant morning in Corbett’s fields of gold, but also the eloquent and glowing tribute she supplemented it with:
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Bandhavgarh and Kanha Photo Tours by Toehold

Toehold organises and leads the best Photography Tours to Bandhavgarh and Kanha, two of our most popular tiger-photography destinations. This is a short video showing what some of the participants of our previous Photography Tours had to say about their experience, along with a sneak peek of the fabulous wildlife
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