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Of Practiced Patience and Self-learning: Sharath Chandrappa

The creative calling, when acute, makes people want to push their limits, explore new frontiers, and break barriers and walls with their ideas to supplant them with. And Sharath Chandrappa knew it was his turn when his hobby of making pictures and editing videos gradually began to charm his creative instincts to
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In Synchrony with Nature: Rana Roy Choudhury

Polar Bear Scape, Svalbard
For someone hailing from the City of Joy, capturing the soul of a place, always in the blur of bustling streets at a time when cameras were a luxury to own and formal guidance on photography wasn’t available, photography has meant more than just a hobby. Toehold Patron Rana Roy Choudhury has been passionate about
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Magic on the Forest Floor and Leaf Shadows: Niranjan Panjwani

Rhinos, Kaziranga
The spectrum of human emotions births arts of different forms. And the endlessness of this process, this emergence, can sometimes be quite startling. While art is capable of finding a fluid-like, sinuous beginning from even adversity, grief and struggle, it is no less beautiful when it is created by passion, joy
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Being Mindful and the Art of Seeing: Siddharth Reddy

Yes; it’s as simple as that and as profound at the same time: being mindful. With his Kafkaesque trail of thoughts, Toehold Patron Siddharth Reddy will hold you in a conversation that’s so certain of its course that you can’t help but give it your attention completely and willingly. A flicker of fascination for
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Moments of Inspiration Repeat Themselves: Ruta Kalmankar

Moments of bliss need not be grand, says Ruta Kalmankar, but can be as simple and quiet as they can get, and they exist irrespective of our disregard. Not too often does one notice how inspiration strikes when least expected, and in the simplest of forms, but Ms Kalmankar does, and always so. It all started […]
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Of Special Days and Everydayness: Zhayynn James

That’s how it all began – a gifted DSLR camera, a search for photography courses on the internet, and a relentless love for the art that only rises with zeal and dedication. When Zhayynn James received a DSLR camera as a gift from his loving wife, he did not know anything else apart from the […]
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