Fields of Gold: Sunaina Samanta

We hope you’re having a good morning wherever you are.  We certainly are, due not only to this beautiful image by our March 2015 Corbett Tour participant Sunaina Samanta, which portrays a radiant morning in Corbett’s fields of gold, but also the eloquent and glowing tribute she supplemented it with:

“Why is it that certain things in nature appeal to us? What is it about nature that conveys lure, magnificence, curiosity and sometimes even indescribable love towards what one sees?

“How do dry burnt trees provide an inspiration to capture and relive the moment with those that have never been there? How does the poignant sight of a hapless deer trying to dodge the mighty predator make your heart sink and at the same time force you to capture nature at its best?

“Is there something in nature that appeals to us or is it something in us which responds to nature?

“A bit of both, I would agree, but after my recent tour to Corbett National Park, I think I can certainly say that I would have never been able to experience nature in its myriad forms had it not been for Sachin’s command over photography and natural history!

“Sachin sees nature not through his eyes but from his heart, and that is what Toehold is about.

“While some see a weed, Toehold makes you see a wish. Thank you, Toehold.”


Sunaina Samanta

Sunaina Samanta

Her maiden trip to Kanha made Sunaina fall in love with the forests, and although the tiger proved elusive, its allure compelled her to go back to the wild.  Not much later, the work of Santosh Saligram and Sachin Rai inspired her to pursue photography seriously.  Ultimately, she says, she’d like to use her work for the conservation of the wildlife she so dearly adores.

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Santosh Saligram

Santosh is the head wordsmith and chief editor at Toehold. Between bouts of waxing eloquent about the wondrous ubiquitousness of Nature's whimsical beauty, he attempts to feed the content team on ripe imagination and lead it towards the sunlit peaks of excellence.

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