Sentient Snippets: Week 9

This week on Sentient Snippets: the glory of night sky, hoarding erupting hues, silence bringing salvation, ruins that bring back glory, and beauty that augurs consuming love.



When the twinkling wonders are sprinting at their own pace in all of the void all around this tiny mote of a planet we live on, you can take a little more time than usual to capture their spectacular trail, and an edifice aground in the scene will only add more glory to the star-run in a direction we call ‘above’. Even in the face of the fundamental reality of nothingness, little wonders such as these exist, to help us bear the brunt of bigger truths of life.

Night sky, Ladakh, by Rajiv Shyamsundar

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These soft stalks, they spout bright hues like they don’t know how to contain them. And how fortunate are we to hold this eruption in our vision and even replicate it as a tangible piece of art for keepsake? Because we are hoarders of all things beautiful, all things that have meant something to us at some point in time, and sometimes as fragile a thing as this flower in the wild, coyly hiding in the blurry green all around.

Wild flower, Amboli, by Santosh Saligram

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For an ailurophile, all spirituality and all philosophies that have ever inhabited this world and us, is thus beautifully reduced to a form emerging from the dark: fierce in what has emerged and overwhelmingly haunting in what hasn’t, but still is. This is prayer enough and all the peace you ever wanted doesn’t struggle to dwell in you anymore. In this silence, is salvation.

Tiger, Bandhavgarh, by Santosh Saligram

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In the precise geometric angles, corners, folds and depths, listen to the sighs and smiles of the creators that might slowly grow into chortles of completion, of fulfillment. Doesn’t it haunt you that if what has remained could be this glorious, what glory itself would have looked like when it was intact? This Pushkarini of Hampi was designed with gorgeous geometrical steps that seem to sing stories as perennially and as varyingly as the level of water they contain in changing seasons.

Pushkarini, Hampi, by Neeta Shankar

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It’s never ‘just another portrait’, just like it’s never ‘just another tiger’ in the wild. When you are in the forests of Ranthambhore, this beauty is always as necessary and immediate as breathing itself. If you are a feline lover, you will know this isn’t flattery or exaggeration. This is simply irrevocable, consuming love that continues to linger on even after you get to see just a glimpse of a feline form or even after it holds you in a gaze for just a second and walks away so abruptly that you could fall.

Tiger, Ranthambhore, by Sachin Rai

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