Sentient Snippets: Week 7

This week on Sentient Snippets: tangerine truths, wistful calls, blooms of glory, pillared corridors and ageless love.


All that blooms, all that stands tall and yet grounded, all that simply is, is tinged with a bizarre estrangement… and here, with a tint of tangerine too. Silhouettes emerging and growing, waiting to be deciphered, emerge out of this splendid puzzle, so you may know that life is in the passing too, and is still as compelling as ever.

Giraffe silhouette, Masai Mara, by Sachin Rai

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Raorchestes jayarami (Jayaram's Bush Frog)

Here, the dark-green shades merge with the rippling black skin of the night. But the lighter ones are defiant and adorably so, like the Jayaram’s Bush Frog calling for its mate. When his vocal sac is expanding, watch a world of longing and beauty ballooning. On a tiny green leaf is a tinier green-being perched, with curious eyes that can meet yours in a fraction of a second and you will never forget it.

Raorchestes jayarami, Valparai, by Santosh Saligram

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This is not just about spring hues. Here, colours can weave magic in monsoons as well, and contained so gracefully in the fragile flower bloom. Is the flower now its vein or its bloom or its stalk or its colour… or none of these… or all of these? What bluesy thoughts debate in your mind as you gaze at a vision such as this one? What non-conclusions trouble you sweetly or what peace inhabits you that only places like Amboli can grant us?

Monsoon flower, Amboli, by Santosh Saligram

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In the historical town of Hampi, walk these pillared corridors and listen to the melodies that thrum deep within them, no less than your songs. Add a verse or two of your own like these men in dhotis who seem to blend so well into what you can hold through your wonder-filled eyes. You never know whose footsteps you will be treading, of men of valour and vision who could conceive a grand idea such as this town and even translating it into reality using nothing more than stones and rocks and coulders, and, of course, human excellence.

Glory in the ruins, Hampi, by Neeta Shankar

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Take to the world with a love as purely as these innocent eyes take to their life in the Himalayas, a love as flawless as their skin, a love as rosy as the natural blush on their cheeks, a love that lets the entire world walk into their intimate spaces through nothing more than a window, a love that keeps the warmth of the human world intact even in the freezing altitudes of their habitat, a love that’s forever curious and forever young.

Mountain-children, Ladakh, by Rajiv Shyamsundar

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