Sentient Snippets: Week 4

This week on Sentient Snippets: bales of brown, stretching of definitions, games of questions, visuals of melancholy and joy from fangs!


Gaur Calf, Bandipur, © Santosh Saligram

Don’t moo your mushy emotions away just because it’s frowned upon in the world of humans. A gaur calf is the epitome of all that’s innocent and adorable even in the wild. A bale of brown naivety, so artful in its artlessness, that even conundrums bring joy and peace for a change. See if a gaur calf can speak to the innocent child in you that refuses to grow up, especially when you are in the forests of Bandipur.

Gaur calf, Bandipur, by Santosh Saligram

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Stretching Lioness, Masai Mara, © Sachin Rai

In her suave form and velvety creases coyly hide new definitions of grace. She stretches and bends and twists and moves like she is origami in constant forming. As you watch how even the dreamy languor of the day turns enchanting in a forest when its depth yawns into itself and a lioness simply furthering the magical spell.

Lioness stretch, Masai Mara, by Sachin Rai

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Light and Shade, Ladakh, © Rajiv Shyamsundar

What exists beyond what the light shows and what it hides? What lies beneath what meets the eye? What lies between light and shadow when they are at play, on a nonchalant day? What slips off the rugged edges of these cliffs and what do the crevices contain in their hollowness? Where and when does thinking end and feeling begin? And how?

Light and shade, Ladakh, by Rajiv Shyamsundar

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Kankati Tigress and Cub, Bandhavgarh, © Santosh Saligram


Good luck dealing with a vision like this! Imagine a cute bundle of softness playing against a bigger form soft in its black and white and gold fur. In the deep, cold folds of the forest is a warmth that’s fuzzy and fluffy in its physical appearance but the melancholy it induces is so exact and absolute that you cannot be not moved by it.

Tigress and cub, Bandhavgarh, by Santosh Saligram

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Snake and Waterfall, Coorg, by Santosh Saligram

Thinking how and where on earth can a venomous being can bring so much joy? That’s the thing about places like Coorg. And in a setting like this, on a cold, wet rock, sitting mutely under a gorgeous waterfall, is a pit viper slithering away softly, becoming an irresistibly beautiful subject to be watched and observed and captured as a thing of art, and that’s how pictures like this happen.

Stream Snake, Coorg, by Santosh Saligram

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