Sentient Snippets: Week 3

This week on Sentient Snippets: iridescent flints, magnificence of the mighty, ruinous pasts, the secret to intoxication, and surreal imagery.


Tiger, Bandipur

His footprints contained in the dewy green ground, a tiger walks with a knowing poise. Behind him, emerald whispers waft through everything they pervade. Surprise yourself. Even as you watch him walk away, he will enchant you like a magic trick. It’s okay even if you don’t make an image of it, you would still have lived some beautiful moments. A flint of gold embellishing the emerald fabric of the forest.

Tiger scape, Bandipur, by Phillip Ross

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The mighty walk into a sunset in the vast plains of Kenya, when the world is soaking in saffron delightfully, even as the sky just looks like it’s throwing tangerine tantrums at no one! The evening a dusty saffron-gold, the mighty walk like they never fall: their tusks, ivory white and their gait, an imposing expression of life, as you watch them and breathe, while all else slumbers.

Elephants, Masai Mara, by Sachin Rai

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Subtle details that are maddeningly accurate in their forming, resolute under the forever-changing shades of the sky… past preserved in the fragile present, to be conserved for tomorrow. Walk amongst the ruins to feel new emotions, reverence for the human ability to create and preserve, even against all odds, even in the face of an imminent, decisive end. In Hampi, ancientness and newness exist simultaneously, when every experience becomes a timeless one.

Sunset colours at Hampi, by Neeta Shankar

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In the blink of an eye, you get drunk on the sort of quietude that stays unruffled even as the clouds clash with the mighty mountains. A valley to contain a mute cloud and a peak to pierce another. A lake to reflect the world around it, without swallowing it to its shallowness. Narrow paths to test a traveller’s endurance with their ruggedness, and mountain passes that lead to more breathtaking views…an exquisite universe is the place to be if you are yet to plan a respite.

Tanglang La, Ladakh, by Jayanth Sharma

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Krishna Cubs, Ranthambhore

The lost lure of life in the urbanscapes can be found here in abundance, and here, the only hope of dealing with all the soul-stirring is to meditate with your eyes open. When the cubs stroll by a waterbody that shimmers in the light of the day, when the aurous aura of the grass marks a stark contrast to the green-blue mountains in the backdrop, you have a surreal image staged by the natural world, as your love for photons translates into memorable pictures.

T19 (Krishna) cubs, Ranthambhore National Park, by Phillip Ross

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