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“Toehold eyes niche segment in travel centred around photography enthusiasts in India”

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The travel business in India had been shaken by the onset of online companies, buy-out of offline players, rise of big time aggregators and what not. Experts across different values chains in the travel business believe that the ones who find a nice in due time will survive and grow, while others will face rough weather in the present milieu. Setting a wonderful example of kind of a niche that can help a start-up make inroads in the travel business is Bengaluru based Toehold.

Co-founded by Jayanth Sharma, and led by himand Sachin Rai, Toehold is a destination for photography lovers who love to travel. The company aims to empower customers with the requisite knowledge, tools and expert assistance to help them enjoy new experiences, and achieve their creative potential through the pursuit of travel and photography. It makes photography accessible to everyone by equipping them with the expertise and tools required at every step of their journey. Customers can savour the joy of travel and self-expression, through a variety of services, including guided Photography Tours, Photography Workshops, Photography Equipment Rentals (cameras, lenses and accessories), Personalised Vacations, Kids and Teenager Camps, and a Merchandise Shop that sells highly specialized and handy accessories for photographers.

Jayanth Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO at Toehold Travel & Photography

Jayanth Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO at Toehold Travel & Photography

Commenting about the top-notch services and Toehold’s USPs, Jayanth Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO at Toehold Travel & Photography said, “Our USP lies in the fact that we offer an array of premium products and services under a single roof. We aim to fortify our position as the best-in-class provider of photography-related services through a combination of innovation; diligence in planning and execution; and building partnerships with the best available resources.” He adds,“As photography tourism in India grows and becomes mainstream, the industry will grow more robust within the next five years. Indian travellers are now investing in hiring and buying professional-grade camera gear. Our focus is to cater to this trend with increased focus on Personalised Vacations through our brand called Toehold Vacations.”

On the exact array of products, he says,“We have four business verticals, namely, Photography Tours, as a part of which our team leads groups of photography enthusiasts to several destinations both in India and abroad; photography Equipment Rentals; Photography Workshops, where we train enthusiasts on the basic and advanced concepts of photography;Personalized Vacations for customers, and special Kids Camps. As of now, we offer Photography Tours to destinations in six of the seven continents of the planet, Photography Workshops in several cities, having trained more than 8000 enthusiasts, and Personalized Vacations to dozens of destinations where we’ve earned invaluable experience and expertise,” he added.

Toehold plans to expand its camera rental services to various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad and also strengthen its existing stores in Bangalore and Pune. Furthermore, the company is also looking at exploring off-shore marketing offices in the US and/or Dubai.

Currently, Toehold earns 60% of it’s total revenue from the photography tours and workshops, 25% from its camera rental services and rest 15% from Toehold vacations. The company aims to scale up the Toehold vacations vertical from 15% to 40% by mid 2018 and also plans to launch Toehold experience zones for photo tours and vacations in retail outlets in Bangalore to garner end consumers’ interest.

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