Five New Wildlife Experiences for 2017

Striving for originality and innovation is a passion we plan to never lose. Few things give us more joy than opening up new horizons, and we’ve done just that for 2017. In this post we present five all-new wildlife experiences you can enjoy this year!


1. Chasing Dreamscapes and Northern Lights in Iceland

Explore a living, changing landscape that breathes through its volcanoes and bubbles through its geysers. Prepare to be overwhelmed as it looks cheerfully at you with its lush pastures and gushing waterfalls. Achieve unity with the magic that spins around the sun by the name of Earth – all in the land of the opposite forces. Experience the mystical winter landscape under the dancing Northern Lights.  Join the Land of Ice and Fire Landscape Photography Tour to Iceland for an exotic time photographing the untamed wilderness and isolated islands of the frozen north.


Iceland waterfall

© Jayanth Sharma


2. Facing the Final Frontier in Antarctica

And it’s here – the much-anticipated expedition to the final frontier! Go on an exclusive chartered cruise to explore and photograph the wealth of Antarctic landscape and wildlife next winter if you don’t have plans yet. If you have plans, scrap them all the same, for this is too good to miss! Behold the fireworks of the southern lights (aurora australis), a glow that decorates the night sky near the South Pole. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime topped off by the irresistible sight of penguins up close. Do all this and more on our White Wilderness Photography Expedition in Antarctica!


Penguins in Antarctica

© Jayanth Sharma


3. Discovering the Wild as Wild in Botswana

Low in human population and rich and varied in natural habitats, Botswana is a veritable oasis for all things wild and natural. And the Okavango Delta is its crowning wonder. You might have watched these places on TV, with your jaws dropped; now witness them first-hand: Moremi, Khwai, and Chobe. Exploit the tremendous wildlife photography opportunities along with an authentic wilderness experience in this part of untamed Africa. See the glorious outdoors the way they were meant to be, and combine exploration and adventure, on the Delta Force Photo Tour to Botswana.


Elephants in Botswana


4. Diving into a New World on the Underwater Photography Bootcamp

Take a plunge, quite literally, under the guidance of professionals who help you not only explore but also make art of life under water. In absolute silence, when you are under water, hear the beauty that can speak to you in myriad colours, which is no less than meditation. Give your discovery of everything beneath the surface of water, existing in the deep resonating rumble, the perfect beginning with our Underwater Photography Bootcamp! So you get acquainted with the theory, undergo confined water training, and are familiarised with all the educational material and the mandatory dive equipment, and are made eligible to pursue your diving certification by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)!


Turtle, Jayanth Sharma

© Jayanth Sharma


5. Trailing Tigers All Day on the Ranthambhore Full-day Tour

Now, for all you worshippers of this striped feline form called the tiger, 2017 couldn’t get any better. Enjoy three full days of dawn-to-dusk safaris in one of India’s greatest tiger abodes. Discover a rare and special wildlife experience with more than 36 hours of virtually unrestricted wildlife photography. Experience the freedom of no zone restrictions, and spend more quality time in the absence of other safari vehicles. It’s time for more tiger tracking along with other wildlife in their natural habitat, and for potentially more photography opportunities. Sign up for the Tiger Solstice Tiger Photography Tour in Ranthambhore!


Tigress Arrowhead, Ranthambhore

© Santosh Saligram


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