The Hindu, 18 August 2017

Aim and shoot!

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You may take it up as a hobby, or who knows, you may even become a sought-after professional. It may excite you or help you capture a memory, but photography is about more than just a beautiful picture – it teaches you a lot. August 19 is World Photography Day, and we tell you how taking up photography at a young age can benefit you in unexpected ways. Happy shooting!

Improves concentration: Taking up photography as a hobby can help in improving one’s focus, as it teaches you to grasp what you do to get that perfect shot.

Boosts creativity: Young minds are extremely creative and have a vivid imagination. You can transform even the most basic things into artwork – all you need is just a little guidance and the right training.

Builds confidence and perseverance: As a young person, you have fresh perspective of things and your personality is still building. Photography opens up new ideas, helps you create your own style, and in the process, slowly turns you confident. Remember, that single fantastic shot inspires you to keep trying till you get it!

Develops cognitive function: Experts around the world have suggested that learning a new skill can significantly boost brainpower and accelerate cognitive development, irrespective of age. Since photography is an activity that involves the use of all senses and reasoning, it definitely helps improve one’s cognitive abilities.

Enhances observation and non-verbal communication skills: The idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” certainly holds some truth. Photography has the power to tell stories, and so, helps you express yourself non-verbally. It can also enhance your observation and communication skills, significantly helping in your overall personality development.

Source: The Hindu

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