Five Himachal Treks You Must Do

As you walk down the valleys and climb up the high mountains in Himachal Pradesh, you feel rather grounded, humbled. And here are five treks you must not miss, because it’s all about quiet celebration of being in the lap of the Himalayas.

When being tiny and obscure becomes a celebration, it becomes easy to deal with our own insignificance in this grand, grand world that can do without us. Himachal Pradesh contains many a wonder in its womb; let yourself some freedom from the mundane and let new experiences birth more beauty and joy when you gear up for your next trek there.

Hampta Pass Trek

Here, contrasts meet – quite literally. Imagine containing a panoramic view of the breathtaking deserts of the Spiti Valley in your vision, and that’s what Hampta Pass grants you, quite generously.

But it gets better: you will have to climb out of the gorgeous green valleys of Kullu to reach the Hampta pass, and that’s the lovely contrast we’re talking about.

Adding to the dramatic, surreal beauty that will happen to you on this trek is the visit to Chandra Tal you will pay, and remain grateful to life for what it lets you see and feel there. Grab that backpack, dust it off, and plan your trek to Hampta Pass now!

Triund Trek

When you walk where the wise old oaks stand tall and rhododendron grow riotously, an outburst of bright colours against the composed green of the forests, even steep ascents don’t seem like an arduous task. And that’s the scenic Triund trek for you.

In the awe-inspiring Kangra Valley part of the dense, spectacular forests of Himachal, Triund Trek lets you bask in the glory of natural beauty, which is not too far from the popular destination, Dharamshala.

If you want to go to the Himalayas as a weekend getaway, this is the perfect trek for you because of its short length. Also, you get to see and experience the Tibetan culture that prevails in the region.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

The fact that this is one of the most popular treks, in spite of its difficult trails that aren’t as distinctly defined as other treks in Himachal, is what makes the Pin Parvati Pass Trek an inviting one, especially for seasoned trekkers who know the rugged terrains intimately.

Covering more than 100 kilometres and featuring tricky terrain, it’s not an easy trek, but perhaps it’s the perfect opportunity to set your trekking standards higher than before!

Malana Village Trek

Who wouldn’t want to experience snow flittering on their fingertips, especially when they’re in high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains? And who wouldn’t want to witness stories such as Alexander the Great having set his foot on this part of India during his conquests, and the tribal people who follow unique culture – thus developing a special lineage?

Malana Village Trek is not just about the picturesque trail that takes you through the Chanderkhani Pass to the village, Malana, but is also about experiencing the lifestyle and beliefs of such tribes. It’s the perfect trek for those who are into both adventure as well as ethnography.

Kinner Kailash Trek

For folks who ardently follow folklore and go in search of places that brim with mythological aura and lyrical secrets that only a patient mind can have access to, for folks who also wish for some adventure and scenic journey, here’s good news: the Kinwar Kailash trek is what you are looking for.

Mythology has it that this is one of Lord Shiva’s residing places. A lake in the region, called the Parvati Kund, is known to be the place where the goddess met Shiva after worshipping him for a long time, thus wooing him into wedlock eventually.

Enjoy mythology and grand natural beauty on the Kinner Kailash Trek where mist rolls on the mountains.

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