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Young Experience

We asked young participants of our ‘Teen Sensation’ Kenya Camp for Kids about their experience on the tour, and here’s what they said.  Goofs included!   To send your child to the next Teen Sensation Kenya Camp, click here.  
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Live Now!

This New Year, stop deferring life.  Get your hands dirty, shoes muddy, and explore, observe, express.  We made a video to show you how.  Watch it, and live.  Now!  
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SkipperSpeaker: Bandhavgarh, Part Two – The Tigers

In this second part of a series, Sachin Rai, Skipper of our Bandhavgarh Photography Tours, speaks about the tigers of Bandhavgarh, their lineage, and what makes them special. Visit to learn more about Bandhavgarh and join our next Tour to this amazing park! To see part one of this
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