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Deccan Chronicle, 27 September 2017

Roads not taken Here’s the transcript: From the heavenly vistas of the valleys in Kashmir, to the southernmost regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu; from the boundless Rann of Kutch in Gujarat to the diverse landscapes of the North-East, India is a treasure trove of vast historical, cultural and natural
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ParentCircle, 26 September 2017

Tips for Eco-Friendly Vacation with Kids Here’s the transcript: Your children learn from your ways, so make sure you teach them to be responsible citizens, who respect the environment. This World Tourism Day, here are tips to ensure a ‘green’ vacation with family. By Jayanth Sharma With global warming being
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Hindustan Times, 26 September 2017

This Diwali, take a wild ride with your family! Here’s the transcript: The oft-trodden paths of popular tourist destinations can often be too crowded and too cliche to become the kind of amazing and memorable vacation you wish to share with your family. The festive season is a time for togetherness and to
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My First Job: Jayanth Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, Toehold Here’s the transcript: Job experiences teach you many things beyond polishing your skill-sets. These learnings tend to be your guidelines for the coming times in personal and professional life. The ‘My First Job’ captures this essence
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Indian CEO, 14 September 2017

5 New Age Mentor Startups in India Here’s the transcript: Mentoring start-ups goes beyond offering technological know-how and support. In the initial stage, they need hand-holding in streamlining the product, aid in taking it to the market and more importantly help finding investors. There are startups who
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Your Story, 9 September 2017

This engineer’s love for photography helped him get a Toehold in the travel experience segment Here’s the transcript: Travelling turns you into a storyteller, and the stories are best told through photographs. Keen to combine adventure, travel, and storytelling, engineer Jayanth Sharma gave up his IT
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Be Bold People, 1 September 2017

Train and Excel in The Art of Photography with Toehold Here’s the transcript: We hear of people switching careers when they realize their true calling but jumping from computer graphics to wildlife photography is certainly a big and bold leap. But that’s exactly what daring Jayanth Sharma is all about.
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Voyager’s World, 18 August 2017

“Toehold conducts Power of Photography contest“ Click here to read the article on the Voyager’s World site. Here’s the transcript: Toehold is all set to celebrate the World Photography Day through “Power of Photography” contest for amateur and seasoned photographers. You can participate in
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The Hindu, 18 August 2017

“Aim and shoot!” Here’s the transcript: You may take it up as a hobby, or who knows, you may even become a sought-after professional. It may excite you or help you capture a memory, but photography is about more than just a beautiful picture – it teaches you a lot. August 19 is World
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PC Quest, 17 August 2017

“Will virtual travel substitute real world travel“ Here’s the transcript: The Travel Industry today is startled by this new age technology marvel called Virtual Reality (VR) and is a trending topic in the Industry at the moment. Virtual Reality ever since its emergence has managed to garner wide
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