Letting there Be Light – the Way You Want It to Be!

Whether in the soft solitary light of the day or the controlled conditions of a studio, attaining that perfect image by leveraging the freedom it allows to set up a shot is the essence of fashion photography. It is here that the quiet elegance of the model, their glamorous costumes and hairstyles and make-up, and
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15 Things to Do in Hampi

Have you ever contemplated the range of things you can do in Hampi?  Like peeling off your sunglasses and filling your eyes with the natural hues of its ancientness, testing how greedy you are for glorious stories and details, and fifteen other things…   1. Walk these pillared corridors and listen to
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A New-Year Call

Nostalgia stays, to grey our evening sky, in the yellowing of our windowsill in the dusk, like the last blooming birdsong of the day. It stays so we can look forward to living more beautiful moments until they become memories that visit on such evenings again. And our calling is also travel, to explore, because
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An Imperative Confluence of Passions for the Sake of Art

“To have an eye for detail that doesn’t miss to acknowledge the synergy that brings it all together: the models, the location, the garment, and all the glitz and the glamour, not to capture a moment that already exists, but to capture a moment that is carefully crafted, a moment that is made. To put […]
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The Top Toehold Moments of 2015

As 2015 approaches its expiry date, we pulled out our rose-tinted glasses, and through a pair of moderately moist eyes, looked fondly back at the goings-on of the year.  And from hunting Mustelidae to leopards feigning nonexistence, we found many ‘Toehold moments’ (moments that make you go:
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Big Cat Week – A Feature

© Jayanth Sharma
As Big Cat Week is awaited with bated breath, the Toehold Photo Tour, which takes you to the overwhelmingly beautiful land of the Mara with all its charismatic feline denizens, is all set to leave you speechless with its enormous range of wild beings. And to prepare you for the spellbinding experience, here are a
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All Things Rajasthan

Travel Photography
Even the winds and the storms try to stand still in vain and create dunes in these deserts; where men wear colourful turbans and women wear silver, but the sands wear gold. Mawa kachori and malpauas will tickle your taste buds; lassi and chaas in the unglazed kulhads calm a parched throat under an impossible sun.
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The Mantra for Making Good Images

While reviewing our Tour participants’ images and sharing feedback on what could’ve been done better to make them kick butt harder, a common objection we hear is: “But there was no time!  Can we really think about all that in the heat of the moment?” Well, if you want to make great images,
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All is Fair

Camels Silhouette
Beware! You might go high on the explosion of colours between an incredibly blue sky and the golden sands. You’ll see camels and horses and other livestock lined up to be traded, but their pulse just as wild as ever, and skin just as gleaming. While the air seems rigid with bargains on one side, […]
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