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Sourabha Rao

Sourabha is a staff writer at Toehold who dexterously gives verbal form to the inexpressible, and with her passion for travel, weaves immersive stories that transcend space and dissolve time.

Moments of Inspiration Repeat Themselves: Ruta Kalmankar

Moments of bliss need not be grand, says Ruta Kalmankar, but can be as simple and quiet as they can get, and they exist irrespective of our disregard. Not too often does one notice how inspiration strikes when least expected, and in the simplest of forms, but Ms Kalmankar does, and always so. It all started […]
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Big Cat Week – A Feature

© Jayanth Sharma
As Big Cat Week is awaited with bated breath, the Toehold Photo Tour, which takes you to the overwhelmingly beautiful land of the Mara with all its charismatic feline denizens, is all set to leave you speechless with its enormous range of wild beings. And to prepare you for the spellbinding experience, here are a
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Hampi September 2015 Trip Report

Stone Chariot Front
When the Tour took them to where the ruins reflect and echo age-old splendour, like veins run and thrum with tales beneath their hard skin weathered by rains, the sun and the winds… Where even stones sigh, in the sheer joy of storytelling. Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  A land of crystallised
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Ranthambhore April 2015 Trip Report

T24, Ustad
So many things in lassitude you learn: observe, appreciate, and cherish. It’s not until you gather your senses and hear the winds stir with a dreamlike intention, making the grass sway, that you brace yourself to confront the gaze of Krishna, the mother of three cubs. Nestled in the woods of Zone 3 of Ranthambhore
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The Sheer Joy of Being Present: Radhika Kochhar

The pleasure of controlling a tool that allows us to bring something creative to the world, even if it’s an imitation of the world itself, is something deeply personal and universal at the same time. When Ms Kochhar bought her first camera, a Canon 1100D, she was making images mainly in auto mode, whenever she
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Lessons taught, lessons self-learned: Neelu Pilania

Padam Talab, Ranthambhore
“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” said John Dryden. Neelu Pilania’s passion for birding and wildlife was an interest ingrained in her childhood.  In her own words: “When I was little, my family went on tours into the wild regularly. I have been to Ranthambhore and Gir multiple
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Of Special Days and Everydayness: Zhayynn James

That’s how it all began – a gifted DSLR camera, a search for photography courses on the internet, and a relentless love for the art that only rises with zeal and dedication. When Zhayynn James received a DSLR camera as a gift from his loving wife, he did not know anything else apart from the […]
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All Things Rajasthan

Travel Photography
Even the winds and the storms try to stand still in vain and create dunes in these deserts; where men wear colourful turbans and women wear silver, but the sands wear gold. Mawa kachori and malpauas will tickle your taste buds; lassi and chaas in the unglazed kulhads calm a parched throat under an impossible sun.
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Self-discovery through Photography: Chander Ramsay

His first Toehold-Photo-Tour was Kabini-Bandipur.  Since then he has never looked back at travelling on his own or turned his back on Photo Tours. “There is so much more to travelling with a bunch of like-minded people than driving an air-conditioned car,” begins Mr Ramsay while sharing his experiences on
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