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Sourabha Rao

Sourabha is a staff writer at Toehold who dexterously gives verbal form to the inexpressible, and with her passion for travel, weaves immersive stories that transcend space and dissolve time.

Animal of the Week: Black-naped Monarch: Thattekad, India

Black-naped monarch (Hypothymis azurea) Great place to see this monarch: Thattekad, Kerala, India And because this bird so blue, the world is that much more beautiful! Also known as the black-naped blue flycatcher, the black-naped monarch is simply one of the most adorable birds a
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Animal of the Week: Black-naped Hare, Kabini, India

Black-naped hare (Lepus nigricollis) Great place to see this hare: Kabini, India In the beautiful forests of Kabini, if you see an adorable little furry creature with brown and black hairs scattered all over its body, you are looking
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Animal of the Week: Flame-throated Bulbul, Kerala, India

Flame-throated bulbul (Pycnonotus gularis) Great place to see this bulbul: Thattekad, Kerala, India Inhabiting the forests — usually along valleys and streams — of the Western Ghats, the flame-throated bulbul is a bird that keeps in small flocks. Its yellow underparts,
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Animal of the Week: Southern Ground Hornbill, Kenya, Africa

Southern ground hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri) Great place to see the southern ground hornbill: Kenya, Africa Its black colouration, with bright red patches of bare skin on its face, makes it a handsome bird to be framed into some evocative
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Animal of the Week: Bearded Seal, Svalbard, Norway

Bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus) Great place to see the bearded seal: Svalbard, Norway With its generic name referring to its heavy jaw, the bearded seal is one of the most delightful creature that can be seen and photographed on our Wildlife Photography Expedition
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Animal of the Week: Gerenuk, Amboseli, Africa

Gerenuk (Litocranius walleri) Great place to see gerenuk: Outside Amboseli, Africa With its reddish brown back called the ‘saddle’ and much lighter flanks and the male’s lyre-shaped (‘S’-shaped) horns, the gerenuk is the heartthrob that you’ll
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Animal of the Week: Polar Bear, Svalbard, Norway

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) Great place to see the polar bear: Svalbard, Norway A small creature of beauty not dwarfed at all by its vast habitat while evoking wonder in its beholders. When you are in the Arctic, watching a polar bear is a glorious experience almost
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Animal of the Week: Ethiopian wolf, Ethiopia, Africa

Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) Great place to see the Ethiopian wolf: Ethiopia, Africa Inhabiting seven isolated mountain ranges at high altitudes in Ethiopia, the rare and exotic Ethiopian wolf is a canid native only to these highlands.
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