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Santosh Saligram

Santosh is the head wordsmith and chief editor at Toehold. Between bouts of waxing eloquent about the wondrous ubiquitousness of Nature’s whimsical beauty, he attempts to feed the content team on ripe imagination and lead it towards the sunlit peaks of excellence.

Kaziranga, Nameri and Gibbon January 2014 Tour Report: Part 1

The aircraft landed on Guwahati tarmac on a glorious day, and the Tour Skippers whisked the participants at once to the most unattractive destination of the Tour – a dump. Although on the onset this sounds unappetising, the precious opportunity it offers to photograph the endangered greater adjutant stork
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Gir December 2013 Tour Report

A smooth and uneventful drive from Rajkot had got the group to Gir on 4 December. The weather wasn’t as cold as they had expected, which was a good thing.  Even better, Skipper for the Tour and captain extraordinaire, Phillip Ross facilitated a mutual introduction session before the group hit the sack with roaring
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Bandhavgarh and Kanha Photo Tours by Toehold

Toehold organises and leads the best Photography Tours to Bandhavgarh and Kanha, two of our most popular tiger-photography destinations. This is a short video showing what some of the participants of our previous Photography Tours had to say about their experience, along with a sneak peek of the fabulous wildlife
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Interview with Darren Centofanti

A conversation with ace fashion-and-commercial photographer, Darren Centofanti – mentor for the Toehold Swimsuit-Glamour Photography Workshop scheduled for 13 to 17 February 2013 in Goa.
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Bandhavgarh March 2012 Tour Report

It’s the ‘Spring Stripes Collection’ mission to Bandhavgarh in mid-March.  With young cubs and big males in attendance, how many stripes can Skipper Sachin Rai earn for eager participants? March is a fantastic time to be in Bandhavgarh.  With the harsh winter having given in to the sun’s perseverance, the
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Eaglenest March 2012 Tour Report

With verdant forests around, the view was to die for.  But the birds, worth every moment living for. DAY 1 Reaching Guwahati in the afternoon, the group stopped over at Tezpur that night; on the way casually dropping by the customary dumpsite to make images of greater adjutant storks, pariah kites and other
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Gir March 2012 Tour Report

A bunch of photography enthusiasts had a four-letter word on their mind and a hunger to learn.  Could Skippers Giri Cavale and Phillip Ross make the Tour a roaring success? As many as six black-shouldered kites punctuated the pleasurable journey interrupted only by a maiden tea-break over three hours on well-paved
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