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Santosh Saligram

Santosh is the head wordsmith and chief editor at Toehold. Between bouts of waxing eloquent about the wondrous ubiquitousness of Nature's whimsical beauty, he attempts to feed the content team on ripe imagination and lead it towards the sunlit peaks of excellence.

Corbett February 2012 Tour Report

Birds hovered heavily on this highly productive Tour.  But ultimately, it was the cats that crowned it. In the outskirts of Ramnagar, Skipper Sachin Rai set out with his group on a mission for avian beauties, to kick-start the tour.  Soon after commencing their drive, when they stopped near a dry riverbed to look
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Photography Workshops by Toehold

These shutterbugs were stuck in the auto mode and were using only 20% of their camera’s potential. Until a Toehold Photography Workshop changed it all. Watch this video to find out what they said about their experience, and why, if you have a DSLR, you should sign up for one today!
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Kamchatka Photo Tours by Toehold

A glimpse of the adorable characters that bears are, and the opportunities that abound to watch and photograph them amongst the various other attractions of Far East Russia on Toehold’s Kamchatka Photography Tour.
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Ladakh Photography Tours by Toehold

Watch this video to see why time lapses better in Ladakh than anywhere else, and then join our Ladakh Photography Tour to experience it first-hand and learn to take great nature photos! Sign up now, and master landscape photography while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas!
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Kabini Photo Tours by Toehold

Has your camera been asleep for a long time? Watch this video to get your wakeup call (for best results, keep the audio on!) Join a Toehold Kabini Tour now and give your camera some much-deserved work!
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Gir Lion Photography Tours by Toehold

The visceral roar of a male lion sends a shiver down your spine as his whole body reverberates to the deep, guttural call. This video gives you an idea of what it could be like, but to experience it firsthand, join one of our Gir Photography Tours.
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Bandipur February 2014 Tour Report

The tiger was on everybody’s lips.  Could the Tour bring it to their sights too? Dark clouds had gathered in the low, menacing sky, but as the group met an hour after noon at the Gol Ghar of the homely Bandipur Safari Lodge, the enhancement of social climate lifted the group’s spirits to a fine […]
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Kaziranga, Nameri and Gibbon January 2014 Tour Report: Part 2

It was the group’s first morning in Kaziranga, as they met at the restaurant for a piping-hot cup of the famous Assamese tea and relatively ordinary biscuits, and departed on their maiden safari in the Central Range of the Tiger Reserve. Within minutes of entering the park, participants were treated to the first
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