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Santosh Saligram

Santosh is the head wordsmith and chief editor at Toehold. Between bouts of waxing eloquent about the wondrous ubiquitousness of Nature's whimsical beauty, he attempts to feed the content team on ripe imagination and lead it towards the sunlit peaks of excellence.

Six Facts You Probably Don’t Know About the Jaguar

Jaguar in the Pantanal
Big, beautiful and deadly, the jaguar is an embodiment of elusive charisma. And here are six of its stellar attributes you must know. 1. A big male jaguar can weigh as much as a lioness! The jaguar is the world’s third largest big cat, weighing in behind only the tiger and the lion. It is also the […]
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Your Toehold

Mountains of joy we have scaled in the face of infinite beauty our craze to create a scrawl of curiosity on a canvas vast a note resonating in a verse eternal we’ve gazed deep into the marble eyes of avian wonders and stately animals we’ve slowed to hear a stream’s soft mirth seen winds carrying […]
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Client Speak: Kenya Photography Tours

Toehold Patron Sushmitha Reddy speaks about why she’s in love with Africa and her experience on our Kenya Photography Tours. To experience Kenya firsthand, join our next Photography Tour, at the following links: ‘Harvest in the Savannah’ Kenya Photography Tour:
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Why You Should Get Out of the Auto Mode Now!

So you just bought a DSLR hoping to make better images than you were with your mobile phone or point-and-shoot. But guess what: A DSLR can give you worse pictures than a point-and-shoot camera if you don’t use it the right way. And if you’ve already experienced this, it is, partly and possibly, because of that
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10 Cutest Baby Animals Seen on Our Photo Tours

Cute, cuddly and comical, baby animals are the most fun attraction of a wildlife trip. We count down the ten most lovable young-animal images taken on our photo tours to make you go “aww”. 10. The Stub-nosed Pachyderm As seen on our Kenya Photography Tour.     Now here’s a young
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Toehold PanPod

Meet Toehold’s PanPod – the perfect way of combining the best of tripod and beanbag ergonomics. In one smooth pan!
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Seven Amazing Images You Can Make with Play of Light

Photographing in natural light does not mean you have no creative control over lighting. We look at seven ways in which you can shape available light to make outstanding images. 1. The silhouette eloquence     A silhouette is a dark shape of the subject against a contrasting backdrop. Strong,
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Toehold Network: An Exclusive Community for Toehold Clients

We present to you ‘Toehold Network’, our official Facebook Group – an exclusive community with access only to Toehold clients! Where you can post pictures and get feedback from our expert photographers, spread joy with your photos, and have all your questions about travel, photography, and the whole
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