A Story for Fathers

If you’re a father, you must read this carefully.



There was once a sweet family. The man worked really hard, and his wife took care of their child at home.



When the child came to be 10, one day she asked her mother if she could have some money. The mother asked why she needed it, and the child just said she wanted to save it. Impressed, the mother gave her a token.



In this way the child collected a little money every few days, and gathered a tidy sum.

One day, when the father returned home from work, the child asked him, “Papa, how much do you earn in one day?”

“About a thousand rupees,” said the father.

Digging into her purse-bank, the child pulled out five hundred rupees, and said, “Here’s five hundred rupees. May I buy half a day of your time with this?”



The father broke into tears, as he came to the stunning realisation of how little time he had spent with his daughter.

He promised the child to make amends, and immediately signed up for the Toehold Father-Child Camp, so they could spend a great time together and catch up on life.

You can, too. Just visit the page for more details, and register using the ‘Book Now’ tab. Now being the time to do this. Before it’s full and your child’s heart empty:

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