Birds of Different Feathers: Neelutpaul Barua

They say birds of the same feather flock together.  But on our Tours, photography enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds converge to enjoy the magic of nature and its photography.

This very spirit of disparity and a shared playing ground is to be seen in this unique image by Toehold Patron, Neelutpaul Barua.

Mr Barua captured this moment, which shows a crested kingfisher and a common kingfisher sharing a pool of fish, during the March 2015 Corbett Photography Tour led by Sachin Rai, and he had this to say about his experience on the Tour:

“Just as a sound understanding of the three elements of the exposure triangle provide you the tools to capture and create different perspectives, the three attributes – expertise in photography, deep rooted passion in natural history and mentoring capabilities – of a Toehold Skipper serve as a catalyst to give your picture the extra edge.

“My recent visit to Corbett National Park with Toehold was a bagful of photo opportunities providing hands-on learning experience. Thanks to Sachin, the tour Skipper, for being instrumental in honing my skills and guiding me through my journey in wildlife photography.


Yellow-throated Martens in Corbett, © Neelutpaul Barua

Yellow-throated Martens in Corbett, © Neelutpaul Barua


“Your association with the experts at Toehold may start with a tour but for someone like me who continues to follow his passion, the association never ends with the tour. The ongoing support by the Skippers even post tours is something that stands out for me.

“Thank you for the continuous guidance and loads of patience with all my queries!”


Neelutpaul Barua

Neelutpaul Barua

A fleeting sighting of a dominant male tiger in Bandhavgarh in May 2011 was all it took for Neelutpaul to fall irretrievably in love with wildlife, and pursue photography with the utmost passion.  A risk professional working with one of India’s largest bond houses, he aims to “evoke a response to protect the enchanting-yet-vulnerable” ecosystem we all depend on but often take for granted.

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