Archive: December 2017

Animal of the Week: Goosander, Kaziranga, India

Goosander (Mergus merganser) Great place to see the goosander: Kaziranga, India Known as the common merganser in North America and goosander in Eurasia, this beautiful large duck is of the rivers and lakes. It nests in tree cavities, and can
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Animal of the Week: Ibisbill, Kaziranga, India

Ibisbill (Ibidorhyncha struthersii) Great place to see the ibisbill: Kaziranga, India If a bird with its red long down-curved bill and legs, white belly and grey wings, black breast band and face is working its charm on you while you are in
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Born Free in the Jungle

Here’s the transcript: Sachin stresses on the point that one cannot plan in advance to take such photographs. A Cheetah and cubs Photographer Sachin Rai loves nature and wildlife, he shares his experience of capturing the young wild animals, the abundance of wildlife  in Africa and hispassion for  the unique
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Refer to these Rental Destinations for a Perfect Travel Trip

Here’s the transcript: As we start planning vacations or small trips regardless of where going there are few things to take into consideration before planning that perfect trip. There is always something affordable that we always check around. In the era of sharing economy, here are some rental platforms
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Explore Your Wild Side

By Jayanth Sharma Here’s the transcript: Kerala’s lush forests and wildlife sanctuaries are the perfect places for nature lovers to unwind. Many tourists to Kerala miss out on the region’s incredible biodiversity as they flock to the beaches and backwaters. Kerala is home to fourteen wildlife sanctuaries,
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Animal of the Week: Eyelash Viper, Costa Rica

eyelash viper
Eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii) Great place to see the eyelash viper: Costa Rica, Central America A moving bright yellow spectacle against a still, wet green backdrop of a cloudforest… We are talking about this beautiful snake called
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