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Six Facts You May Not Know About the Jaguar

Jaguar in the Pantanal
Big, beautiful and deadly, the jaguar is an embodiment of elusive charisma. And here are six of its stellar attributes you must know. 1. A big male jaguar can weigh as much as a lioness! The jaguar is the world’s third largest big cat, weighing in behind only the tiger and the lion. It is also the […]
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Ranthambhore April 2017 (Batch 2) Trip Report

Tiger cub, Ranthambhore
50 sightings of 15 individual tigers in five different zones seems like the synopsis of a fairy tale. Yet, those are exactly the numbers the group was left with after the Ranthambhore Full Day Tour! And in the few moments when the tigers weren’t in attendance, the other jungle denizens enchanted their
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Animal of the Week: Jaguar

Jaguar (Panthera onca) Great place to see it: Pantanal, Brazil Jaguar. The world’s third largest feline (after the tiger and the lion) with a giant, robust skull, the big cat that’s a skilled tree-climber and is adept at and also enjoys
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travel mail, May

“Toehold, a must-visit destination for travel and photography enthusiasts” Click here to read the article on the travel mail site. Here’s the transcript: Bengaluru: Co-founded by Jayanth Sharma, and led by himand Sachin Rai, Toehold is a destination for photography lovers who love to travel. The
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Deccan Herald, 15 May 2017

“Toehold: Making that picture worth a thousand words” Click here to read the article on the Deccan Herald site. Here’s the transcript: Capturing a memorable moment for posterity may be just about a click. But the click itself is a culmination of various intricate aspects, including line,
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The New Indian Express, 15 May 2017

“Bengaluru falls for ‘wild’ holidays, spurns tame luxury.” Click here to read the article on The New Indian Express. Here’s the transcript: BENGALURU: This year has been declared by the UN as the The International Year of Sustainable Tourism, and Bengaluru is right on it with travel
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Animal of the Week: Giant Anteater

Giant anteater
Giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) Great place to see the giant anteater: Pantanal, Brazil This unusually charming terrestrial creature mainly inhabits the forests and savannas of South America. This solitary mammal, with its
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PWI, 10 May 2017

“Toehold eyes niche segment in travel centred around photography enthusiasts in India” Click here to read the article on the Prowellness India site. Here’s the transcript: The travel business in India had been shaken by the onset of online companies, buy-out of offline players, rise of big time
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Deccan Herald, 4 May 2017

“Selfies for Summer” Click here to read the article on the Deccan Herald site. Here’s the transcript: Come Summer and something triggers the die-hard traveller’s psyche to escape the heat, wander outdoors and stay disconnected. The extreme wanderlust-bitten Bengalureans are travelling this season
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