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Sentient Snippets: Week 2

This week on Sentient Snippets, a reward for searching eyes, ways to bring alive a brooding sky and unwind the imagination, and majesty with a bill.     It isn’t exaggeration when they say extraordinary things happen when you are at the right place at the right time. See if you can feel the tremors […]
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Specificity of Certain Joys: Sanjay Keswani

An effortless translation of passion into art – that’s the story of Sanjay Keswani. Sanjay’s dealing with hotel management brought him an opportunity four years ago, which got him into food photography, and that grew as a new-found passion for a man who is always ready to allow himself new experiences. Once he
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Sentient Snippets – Week 1

This week on Sentient Snippets is beauty beyond the senses, untamed spirits, unknown realms, wondering eyes, and mortality over morality.   There is learning here, like a fervent confession of one’s own heart, that there is a certain kind of solitude that remains unaffected even in togetherness. And that’s
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Glossary of Bandhavgarh Expressions

Bandhavgarh’s human inhabitants are articulate and imaginative with word usage, so there are many words and phrases endemic to it.  Here’s the beginner’s pocket-glossary to the commonest of them in regular circulation. 1. मिला कुछ? Transliterated: Mila kuch? Structurally: Interrogative sentence
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December 2015 Little Rann of Kutch Tour Report

With the rain gods having lavished it with attention in August, the Little Rann of Kutch was gleaming enticingly. What was in store for our group was about to be revealed. With most of the participants coming into Kutch for the first time, I was very excited to show them the natural beauty of the land of migratory
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Interpreting a Scene Unfolding Itself: Amey Kulkarni

Using a point-and-shoot camera, Amey Kulkarni began his casual journey through photography about four years ago. Then a trip to Ladakh with a DSLR camera changed it all. Mr. Kulkarni has been fascinated by wildlife since his childhood, and once he realised that there was no better way to capture special moments in
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Laugh it Off in Ladakh

In the rough, rugged terrain of Ladakh, which test the nerve and determination of travellers, the intensity of beauty all around is made lighter by some hilarious signboards that make you smile or even let out a cheerful chortle.  We bring you five of the best. We are beginning to comprehend, now more than ever,
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