Archive: April 2016

A Story for Fathers

If you’re a father, you must read this carefully.     There was once a sweet family. The man worked really hard, and his wife took care of their child at home.     When the child came to be 10, one day she asked her mother if she could have some money. The mother […]
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Five Quotes that Will Inspire You to Travel to Ladakh (Part 1)

This week, we bring you five inspiring quotes on mountains, as we think of Ladakh as a place that keeps calling travellers back without ever ceasing to amaze them. Then how can you not advance and reach out to them as they lurk into your vision something like disturbance rising from the flat ground? How […]
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Oscillating between the Past and the Present: Noah Dyvadheenam

Even a hobby subjected to an almost-indecorum and scattered pieces of creative musings can metamorphose into a passion that throbs with soulfulness. That’s what happened with Toehold client Noah Dyvadheenam, whose unplanned hobby of making images turned into a form of art that makes people cherish their special
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Extracting Eternities Out of Moments: Dhruva Kotagi

From washing grandpa’s film camera negatives to exploring possibilities in a genre that’s barely beginning to catch people’s attention, Dhruva Kotagi has certainly come a long way on his journey of photography, more in terms of experience than time. By the time Dhruva quit his job a year ago, he had learned just
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Moments of Rapture and Brainteasing: Aditi Shastri

A cherubic little girl was the subject of some cheerful photos her father had taken years ago, and today, she has grown up to be a much sought-after wedding photographer who believes in weaving together various moments of joy and celebration into a story. Aditi Shastri, who used to work as a marketing head after
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